‘Black Mirror’ Season 6: Everything We Know So Far About the New Episodes

A long-awaited return. Black Mirror season 6 is in the works, and fans have been itching for new episodes of the Netflix anthology series for years.

 The Emmy-winning series, which is inspired by The Twilight Zone, uses technology for social and political commentary, and left off at season 5 in 2019, leaving some hungry fans in its wake.

Black Mirror season 6 had been on hold due to rights issues. Though Netflix bought the broadcasting rights to the drama from British broadcaster Channel 4, Endemol Shine Group retained the intellectual property (IP) rights, Deadline reported.

Though they had Netflix’s support, the rights to Black Mirror remain with Endemol and parent company Banijay Group. The streaming giant needed a new deal with the IP owner before moving forward with the sixth season, which was finally made in May 2022, Variety reported at the time.

While speaking at a virtual panel about his Netflix mockumentary, Death to 2020, in December 2020, Brooker also detailed why exactly he chose to wait a bit after the initial waves of the pandemic would die down to move forward with season 6.


“If I’d been writing the Black Mirror version of a pandemic unfolding across the panic, it would have been incredibly violent and incredibly … like, society would have collapsed into dust in a thrilling opening credits scene,” he said during the panel, per The Wrap. “And actually, generally speaking at the moment thus far, your neighbor is more likely to help you with something than they are to fight you for a bottle of water.”

He still admitted to some creative inklings he had while the pandemic was at its peak. “Oddly … I think on some levels I pivoted to a strange kind of almost optimism … because once something terrible is happening, it’s suddenly a real and going concern and you’re not worrying about some great unknown, you’re dealing with an actual situation.”

A release date is unclear as the new season is still in pre-production, but fans are hopeful the show will hit Netflix sometime in 2023.

Plot details are specific to each episode in this anthology series, but it will likely deal with the same themes of what showrunner Brooker called during a May 2020 interview with U.K.’s Radio Times “societies falling apart” amid technological advancement.

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