Current sought-after Hollywood actor Dave Batista admits that the role of Drax the Destroyer in "Guardians of the Galaxy" had a meaningful impact on his career, saved him from total bankruptcy and changed his life.

The actor is now a part of such major projects as "Avengers 3," "Get the Knives 2," "Dune" and others. That said, in a recent interview, he emphasizes that before the role of Drax, he was practically on the verge of bankruptcy.

"To fully understand how much things have changed, you have to understand where I'm coming from and what I've had to go through. At the time I was confirmed for the role of Drax, I hadn't had a job in about three years. I left wrestling, and I could have come back, but then I would have been left there without any prospects. For that reason, I took a chance. When I got the part, everything changed. Speaking of bankruptcy, I'm not exaggerating. My house was confiscated at the time, I had nothing. I had sold everything I had earned before, I was having a lot of difficulties. I started to get lost in it."

According to Batista, filming in "Watchmen" managed to open many doors for him. All of these changes were in some ways surreal, because until not long ago he was "borrowing money to buy food." "This movie changed my life. It gave it to me," said the actor, separately stressing that this chance was given to him by James Gunn.

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