An adventure comedy project called "Jungle Cruise," starring Duane Johnson and Emily Blunt, has found itself at the head of the domestic box office. In its first weekend, the project earned $34 million in theaters. Disney+ subscribers also paid $30 million for the opportunity to watch it.

At the international box office the picture has earned about $28 million. In the end, the total earnings of the film were more than 91 million dollars. Of course, such a start can hardly be called a success for the picture, the total contribution to which reaches 360 million dollars. It takes into account the cost of marketing and promotion.

Dwayne Johnson has already expressed his gratitude to the audience of the picture, thanks to which it "came in first place.

"We had to face many challenges, but in the end we were able to stay the course and we were able to please families around the world not only in theaters, but also at home this weekend. "'Jungle Cruise' is rushing along at a pace that no other movie has managed this summer," he said.


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