There has been a significant addition to the cast of the action movie "John Wick 4". As noted by the media, the project Chad Stahelski joined Marco Saror - he took on the image of one of the key antagonists. The actor, who many viewers are well known for his negative role in the film "Alita: Battle Angel", intends to act against Keanu Reeves, Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen and others. It was previously reported that Ian McShane intends to return to the image of the manager of the Hotel Continental.

Stahelski will shoot "John Wick 4", as well as the previous parts from the script prepared by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch.

Note that "John Wick 4" is the first picture in the franchise that its creator Derek Kolstad is not working on. "I'm not really involved with the fourth and fifth films. At some point the company tells you that your creation has expanded, and you just have to wish it luck. I'm still close with David Litch and Chad. I don't know what this film will be like, but I'll certainly watch it," Kolstad noted.

He also added: "It wasn't my decision. Yes, it can be painful, and 20 years ago it would have been, but now I see the way the industry works, and I just want to wish everyone prosperity. It's very personal, so I would never say anything bad about Wick - I want him to do great."
The new installment is expected to premiere next May.

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