Popular American artist Marilyn Manson continues to face new challenges. According to Western media, the large agency CAA does not want to cooperate with him anymore. At the same time, it represented the interests of the star for many years.

Some time ago it became known that Manson was "cut" from some television shows, like " American Gods " and " Horror Kaleidoscope ". In each case, the decision was made after high-profile accusations from Evan Rachel Wood .

The actress published an accusatory statement on her page on social networks, saying that her ex-fiancé at one time mocked her in every possible way. She later described the musician as a very dangerous person.

At the same time, Manson himself stated that these statements are false, despite the fact that several more women confirmed the actress's accusations. According to them, they, too, faced abuse from Manson.

The musician himself noted that everything that happened in his relationship was by the mutual consent of both parties. However, the celebrity continues to lose major contracts.

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