A few days ago, supporters of Donald Trump decided to seize the building of Congress in the United States. As a result, they broke into the Capitol, almost without encountering resistance from the guards. The meeting was interrupted, which discussed the victory of Joe Biden in the recent presidential elections. The riots were later ended, but the clash killed several people. Many netizens watched what was happening, and on social networks began to actively compare the events of these days with the stories of popular projects. The most common comparisons were with the " National Treasure ."

Most of all commentators were surprised by the inaction of law enforcement agencies. Also, many expressed disappointment at the " National Treasure". We remind you that according to the plot of the film, Nicolas Cage's character kidnapped the Declaration of Independence. It turned out that the writers exaggerated the difficulty of this task.

“I am no longer amazed that Cage was able to steal the Declaration of Independence”;
“Apparently, it was not at all difficult for him to steal this Declaration of Independence”;
“We spent 100 million on the film, but it turns out that getting inside is easy. So I have big problems with trusting Hollywood. "

Users have left a lot of similar comments on the network. We remind you that the film " National Treasure " was released in 2004.

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