The second series of the disaster movie "Greenland" managed to set a record at the virtual film market in Cannes. The distribution rights were bought by STX for 75 million dollars. $25 million of that amount was paid for distribution in the U.S. and the rest for introducing the sequel internationally.

In the project, whose production budget is estimated at about $65 million, Gerard Butler will return to the character of John Garrity. In the new part of the film, the Garrity family, previously faced with a global catastrophe after a comet hit the Earth, must leave their safe bunker in Greenland and embark on an unsafe journey through the ruined European wasteland to find a new home. Along with Butler, Morena Baccarin returns to the project as the key character's wife.

The author of the first film Rick Roman Waugh became the director of the second part. The sequel will be based on the book by Chris Sparling. Filming will begin next year. The date of the premiere of the film is still unknown.

By the way, the fees of the original film are difficult to call impressive. It was introduced last year, earning about $52 million.

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