Continuation of the fantastic picture "District 9" will be based on one of the most important episodes in U.S. history. The author of the film, South American screenwriter and director Neil Blomkamp, told this.

"Work is continuing on the script. At the moment, it's pretty good. It took a decade to come up with a reason to present this particular story and not any sequel. There was a theme in U.S. history that fits perfectly in the world of this universe. It's a great way to continue the movie. So I can say that the story continues and gets much closer," he noted. At the same time, it is unknown exactly what historical period the filmmaker implies.

Earlier he revealed that he intends to work on the script for the film "District 10" together with the star of the first series Sharlto Copley, who will also star in the sequel.

Recall that the original film was based on a short film by the director himself. It focused on the very current hardships of South Africa. "District 9" was a box office success.

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