The DC graphic novel adaptation of "Suicide Squad 2: Mission Away," which "Guardians of the Galaxy" writer James Gunn worked on, has received a 100 percent approval rating from Western reviewers. To date, such a rating is fixed at Rotten Tomatoes. Five dozen reviews are taken into account.

"The project is more engrossing than its predecessor, and it permeates the best of the DC Cinematic Universe. At the same time, it is filled with the visual romance and brilliance that make Gunn's projects so popular," notes a Finansial Times spokesperson.

"When Gunn embarked on 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' he managed to make gold out of nonsense. He gave a similar naughtiness and surrealism to the DC project," the Empire Magazine contributor is convinced.

"This picture managed to create an atmosphere of hideous fun that was not characteristic of its predecessor. Plus, it reveals a story you want to watch," notes a reviewer for The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's both entertaining and depraved entertainment, with events set in the DC Cinematic Universe," opines Screen Rant.

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