Service Disney + has provided clarifying information regarding the premiere of its new promising project Wanda / Vision, which is based on the history of characters previously presented in full-length Marvel projects. According to Western media, the episodes will be released once a week, and, nevertheless, the show will debut in two episodes at once. We remind you that the premiere is scheduled for January 15 this year.

“I have a guess that our project will completely change your early conclusions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the same time, the show will become a significant part of it. As the plot develops and with the release of each episode, additional interesting layers will be opened to viewers.

As a result, this incredible puzzle, over which the screenwriter Jacqueline Schaeffer and the director poredMatt Sheckman , in an unusual way, will open up to all viewers and take on a special meaning, "- said Paul Battany in a recent interview. We remind you that the actor is assigned the role of Vision.

The second leading role in the series went to Elizabeth Olsen . It is assumed that events will unfold after the story that was shown in the fourth part of "The Avengers ". In addition, most likely, the main part of the plot will take place in an alternate reality, which was created by Wanda after the death of Vision. It is not yet known whether other members of the Avengers team will appear in the project.

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