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Salman Rushdie 'off ventilator and able to talk' after stabbing

Author Salman Rushdie has been taken off a ventilator and is able to talk, a day after being stabbed, his agent has said, according to the Associated Press.

Who is the suspect in Salman Rushdie attack? What we know so far

Sir Salman Rushdie's suspected attacker has denied attempted murder and assault in a court in New York state.

The Taliban had promised 'amnesty for all' - but they are responsible for most violence against civilians

Twelve months after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan and promised "amnesty for all", data suggests they are the largest perpetrators of violence against civilians in the country - killing at least 418 people.

Russian troops told to stop shelling Ukrainian nuclear plant to avoid 'irreparable consequences'

A call has been made to demilitarise the area around a Ukrainian nuclear plant to avoid "irreparable consequences".

Police investigate 26,000 war crimes in Ukraine, with officials 'convinced' more to be uncovered

Police in Ukraine are investigating 26,000 war crimes committed by Russian soldiers and expect to uncover thousands more as land is retaken and towns and villages liberated, Sky News has been told.

Gunman opens fire at bus stop in Jerusalem, killing three and wounding seven

A gunman has opened fire at a bus stop in Jerusalem's Old City, killing three and wounding seven.

Life is 'relatively normal' now, Rushdie said two weeks before stabbing

Sir Salman Rushdie said that after years of living in hiding and death threats his life was now "relatively normal" just weeks before he was attacked on stage.

JK Rowling and Stephen King express horror at Salman Rushdie stabbing - but in Iran the attack draws some praise

The stabbing of author Sir Salman Rushdie has shocked and horrified fellow writers and world leaders, with many praising him as a defender of free speech.

'He was trying to escape the heat': One more casualty in Gaza's incurable conflict

Ibrahim Abu Salah was brought into Al Shifa, Gaza's central hospital, in the middle of the afternoon.

One killed and dozens injured as high winds cause Spanish festival stage collapse

One person has been killed and dozens injured after high winds caused parts of the main stage at a music festival in Spain to collapse, officials have said.

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